Grand View Maker Space

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Provide a safe, collaborative environment for Gator Makers emphasizing hands-on learning, open-ended creativity and problem-solving to help them better understand, apply and be prepared for current and future STEAM-based curricula and related opportunities.

Julie Fields, Co-Chair, Maker Space

Jamie Bedner, Co-Chair, Maker Space


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  • Believe you can make whatever you can imagine
  • Seek opportunities to learn new things
  • Encourage other Gator Makers
  • Celebrate openness, inclusion, & generosity
  • Value the 5 C’s:
    • Creativity
    • Collaboration
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communication
    • Character


It is important to understand that allowing children to be “Makers” opens the doors to personalized and authentic learning. Here is a list of positive qualities to consider about the Makers Movement:

  1. Allow for student intrinsic motivation and self-directed learning
  2. Support students in natural connection toward the facilitation of 4 C’s
  3. Engage students in significant content by allowing for connections to curriculum
  4. Immerse students in experiences that promote the idea of flow
  5. Provide students opportunities that allow then to fail in order to succeed
  6. Emphasize to students and teachers the importance of process over outcome
  7. Amplify or introduce to students the components of a school STEM (STEAM) disciplines
  8. Provide for student opportunities to enhance Project, Problem, Design, Inquiry, and Challenge Based Learning
  9. Promote student literacy through writing, reflecting, and journal writing while Making in specific subject areas
  10. Engage students in relevance and connections through a authentic learning experience
  11. Promote service student learning by identify and inventing solutions to local and world problems
  12. Allow students to see the importance and value of the arts
  13. Allow students to be a part of partnerships between school, home, and community
  14. Create opportunities for students to be producers of content and products
  15. Facilitate to students the idea of entrepreneurship through innovation
  16. Provide students an opportunity to connect with college and career opportunities
  17. Allow for student mentorship between students and also between community and students
  18. Give students the opportunity to learn through kinesetic opportunities
  19. Introduce students to the iterative process for problem solving
  20. Support student inquiry by relaying the importance of good questions and continued questioning



The Maker Space program at Grand View has been incredibly successful.

We are making exciting changes to the program which are currently being developed.   Check back for the updated plans within the next month.


DURING the school day:

  • Volunteer time: Be a Maker Mentor
  • VERY interested? Become a Lead Mentor for an entire grade. 

AFTER the school day:

  • Share knowledge: Create a Maker Movie
  • Donate materials: Give to the Maker Drive
  • Chaperone field trip: Travel to Maker Places

If you have an idea, questions or want to get more information about how you can help the Maker Space Program, please contact Julie Fields or Jamie Bedner.

Be a Maker Mentor.

JOIN US! SHARE THE EXPERIENCE with the students. We can always use help from parent volunteers to set up and break down. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! You may think it takes a special skill or engineering background to become a “Maker Mentor” but that is simply not true. ANYONE with a passion for learning and desire to help guide Gator Makers on the problem-solving path is encouraged to volunteer.

Give to the Maker Drive.

Have some extra stuff in your garage? Any useful materials listed below are welcome and maybe Maker Space can help you make space to park your car!

Where:    TBD

When:      TBD

What:        Any of the following items clean with no rust and useable:

  • Plastics: including containers, bottles, caps, yogurt cups
  • Cardboard: flat pieces or rolls, NOT BOXES
  • Craft items: beads, felt, fabric, rope, pipe cleaners
  • Take-apart stuff: keyboards, phones, any electronic or mechanical items (size of shoe box or smaller)
  • Tools: All tools welcome, but especially rubber mallets, drills, glue guns, dremels, screwdrivers, pliers (esp. jeweler’s needlenose)