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Grand View Growing Great Partnering with Manhattan House Restaurant

Our 5th grade Garden Club (the Gourmet Gators) has worked with Chef Diana to come up with an amazing dish that will be featured all through the month of April. Be sure to stop in this wonderful restaurant to support our Gators!  Click here for more information!

Welcome to the Growing Great Program page!

The mission of Growing Great is to empower every child to grow up healthy through science-based garden and nutrition education. Thanks to the Growing Great program at Grand View, all of our students and their families will have the opportunity to grow, eat, and learn more about healthy foods. If you want to learn more about Growing Great, here is their current 1-page overview.

We really appreciate the Grand View parent volunteers (aka “docents”), teachers and staff who help make this program possible and great fun for the kids. THANK YOU!

You may have noticed that we expanded the Growing Great classroom lessons at Grand View for 2015-2016, and our goal is to continue offering the best program possible. If you would like to help, volunteer as a docent, or you have any ideas or questions, please let us know!

Ashley Savela, Co-Chair

Scott Jensen, Co-Chair


Growing Great Philosophy:

  • Eat a wide variety of colorful, whole foods that are close to their original source.
  • Choose higher quality, beneficial foods more often.
  • Select local, seasonal, organic, and/or sustainably farmed foods when possible.
  • Appreciate the impact of food on our overall well-being so that we can think, feel, and perform at our best all day long!


Growing Great at Grand View:

Growing Great applies a three-pronged approach to teaching healthy eating habits at Grand View:

1) Classroom Nutrition Lessons (Grades K-5)

Trained volunteer docents deliver five fun and interactive classroom nutrition lessons that teach children why and how to make healthy food choices. This program was expanded to include K-2 for the 2015-2016 school year and you can read more about the lessons below.

2) School Garden (Grades PEP-5)

Students grow, harvest, eat and sell their own food from our “Growing Great” garden located on campus. Students experience new foods in their organic school gardens while learning about seasonality, life cycles and sustainable food production.


Growing Great Classroom Nutrition Lessons:

The Growing Great program is very accessible and can be taught anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Grand View docents deliver the lessons to students in the classroom during specific months through the school year (see schedule below). Training videos and lesson scripts are provided to docents via the Growing Great online Education Portal, which also offers supplemental information and resources. The Growing Great co-chairs prepare and provide all of the necessary materials and food samples to docents in advance of each lesson.

After the initial lesson, each begins with review questions and discussions to emphasize knowledge gained and behavioral changes made since the previous lesson. Each lesson includes creative and engaging activities such as preparing foods, role-playing, games, and food-based experiments to provide students with practical tools to make better food choices.

Grades    Lessons           Dates

K-2*          3                         November, January, March

3-5            5                         October, November, January, March, April

*The new K-2 program was added for the 2015-2016 school year, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact Scott Jensen.


High-Quality Food Samples

Growing Great provides recommendations for high-quality food samples to reinforce each lesson’s objectives and introduce new foods (such as hummus, avocado, or coconut milk) as well as higher-quality versions of common foods, including sprouted whole grain bread. While food samples are not mandatory, they are always enjoyed and can only strengthen the message of the lesson.

IMPORTANT-ALLERGIES: We pay close attention to any known food allergies, so we urge parents and students to make sure teachers know about this in advance. Docents make alternatives available to students who are allergic to any of the food samples.


Applying the Lessons at Home

Growing Great “Grill Me About” parent education handouts are available for students to take home after each lesson. Theses handouts contain information about the lesson, enrichment activities, and recipes to reinforce the lesson topics. It is our belief that if children are given the tools to make healthy choices they will choose to do so and they in turn can influence their families and the greater community.

Lesson Themes Include:

  • Feed Your Engine – Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates
  • Fuel Up with Whole, “Close to the Source’ Foods
  • High-Quality Fuels vs. Low-Quality Fuels
  • Filling Up: What is a Serving Size?
  • Food Investigator: Label Reading
  • Beneficial Fats
  • Hydration
  • And many more!