Family Movie Night


Friday, September 19th, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

“As a rule, movies about toys need to be approached with extreme caution; some of them have been bad enough to count as health hazards. This one is the exception.” – New Yorker

“The visuals are spectacular and the story is jam-packed with so many funny lines, it’s hard to catch all the jokes that are delivered in rapid-fire succession — constantly tweaking many popular culture icons.” – Chicago Sun-Times

The brightly-imagined Lego Movie is a wickedly smart and funny free-for-all, and sassy enough to shoot well-aimed darts at corporate branding. – Rolling Stone

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Bring your beach chairs and sweatshirts to the lower playground and be part of this fun ‘welcome back to school’ tradition!  Everything is Awesome! This year, Gators will be screening The Lego Movie!  Your ticket price of $20/person includes the movie, a full dinner provided by Pachanga Restaurant, and a bottle water.

about_banner_imageNew this year, the Manhattan Beach Creamery cart will be on hand selling their world famous Cream’wich!

Remember to bring:

  • A water bottle (water stations will be available)
  • Spending money for ice cream, popcorn, Gator Gear and other fun items
  • Low beach chairs or blanket
  • Sweatshirts or sweater

Questions? Contact Liz Grampp.