PTA Contacts

Grand View is proud to have so many parents willing to help make our school one of the best in the country. Listed below are the Executive Board and Chairs for each committee and program. You can send an email to their personal email address by clicking on a name and filling out the secure form.

Name Title Role
Jill Lamkin President Exec Board
Rachel Disser Executive VP Exec Board
Grettel Fournell Secretary Exec Board
Amanda Zaumeyer Treasurer Exec Board
Heather De Roos VP Communications Exec Board
Kim Blum VP Events & Fundraising Exec Board
Christine Cronin VP Programs Exec Board
Joni Ramallo Financial Secretary Exec Board
Bea Zimbalist MBEF Site Rep Exec Board
Lynne Davis MBEF Site Rep Exec Board
Lori Fichman MBEF Database Exec Board
Nina Tarnay Parliamentarian Exec Board
Lisa Givens VP Membership Exec Board
Naomi Mack VP Membership Exec Board
Anne Burmeister VP Volunteers Exec Board
Gillian Cato VP Advocacy Exec Board
Jennifer Keller-Smith VP Advocacy Exec Board
Rhonda Steinberg Advisor Exec Board
Dave Curry Beautification/Pride Day Chair
Cami Bell Blood Drive Chair
Kristin Childress Book Club Co-Chair
Nancy Grimes Book Club Co-Chair
Michelle Fukumoto Book Fair Co-Chair
Holly King Book Fair Co-Chair
Pauline Shahine Book Fair Co-Chair
Wendy Farber Book Fair Decorations Chair
Lizzie Fong Community Outreach Chair
Lisa Coppedge Compost/Recycling Co-Chair
Robyn Murphey Compost/Recycling Co-Chair
Jen Roskin Fall Fundraiser Co-Chair
Nicole Gasperov Fall Fundraiser Co-Chair
Ashley Osterkamp Family Fun/Movie Night Chair
Jackie Miller Family Portraits Co-Chair
Jen Beaudendistel Family Portraits Co-Chair
Becky Bruhns Fifth Grade Event Liaison Co-Chair
Julie Argue Fifth Grade Event Liaison Co-Chair
Ali Snider Fifth Grade Science Fair Chair
Kim Blum Gator 5K Run/Walk Manager Chair
TBD Gator 5K Race Operations Chair
Kristin Kresser Gator 5K Run/Walk Volunteers Chair
Heidi Snively Gator Gazette Chair
Andrea Zislis Grades of Green-Chair Chair
Kim Martin Grades of Green Co Chair Co-Chair
Robyn Murphey Grades of Green-Co Chair Co-Chair
Robyn Murphey Grades of Green - 3R Education Chair
Lisa Coppedge Grades of Green - Compost/Recycling Chair
Jessica Scordamaglia Growing Great Chair
Heather De Roos Hallway Displays Chair
Rachel Disser Hometown Fair Co-Chair
Alisa Pedersen Hometown Fair Co-Chair
Deborah Raguse Hometown Fair Co-Chair
Tara Sorensen Hometown Fair Co-Chair
Vicki Tyler Hometown Fair Co-Chair
Andrea Krohn Hospitality Co-Chair
Julie ten Doesschate Hospitality Co-Chair
Melissa Bailey Library Chair
Melissa Bailey Litterless Lunches Co-Chair
Janiece Cotrell Litterless Lunches Co-Chair
Kelli Spriggs Pancake Breakfast Co-Chair
Alex Gass Pancake Breakfast Co-Chair
Kelly Radack Pancake Breakfast Co-Chair
Andrea Hutter Parent Party Co-Chair
Beth Wood Parent Party Co-Chair
Sippy Brennan PE Equipment Co-Chair
Kevin Ring PE Equipment Co-Chair
Jo Watkinson Performing Arts Center (PAC) Co-Chair
Wendy Farber Performing Arts Center (PAC)--SoundArts liaison Co-Chair
Judith De Waart Rent-A-Costume Co-Chair
Marie Olivas Rent-A-Costume Co-Chair
Melissa Holcomb Room Parent Coordinator Chair
Courtney Halle Safety/Health Chair
Luan Smith School Garden Co-Chair
Stacy Rusher School Garden Co-Chair
Kathy Troeger School Garden Co-Chair
Kristin Lukas School Supply/ER Kits Chair
Christine Cronin Science Expo Co-Chair
Karin Longhurst Science Expo Co-Chair
Lydia Burstein Science Expo Co-Chair
Ellen Scott Science Expo Co-Chair
Bettina Javellena Science Learning Lab Chair
Keri Herczeg Scrip financial Chair
Pauline Shahine Scrip manager Chair
Lisa Thompson Scrip marketing Chair
Alisa Pedersen Scrip Purchaser Chair
Jo Karambelas Spring Fair Chair
Nicole Pagel Student Directory Co-Chair
Joni Romallo Student Directory Co-Chair
Jen Dohner Student Store Chair
Joe Lamkin Technology Chair
Scott Holcomb Vendor Reward Programs Chair
Sue Mackey Walking School Bus Coordinator Chair
Sue Mackey Walk to School Wed Chair
Joe Lamkin Webmaster Chair
Daya Pillan Yearbook Co-Chair
Sandy Quigley Yearbook Co-Chair
Lenie Trent Young At Art Co-Chair
Lisa Barrios Young At Art Co-Chair