Room Parents’ Corner

The main responsibilities and requirements for this position are: maintain constant communication between teacher and parents; execute a written budget and operate with that budget; plan and coordinate classroom events/parties; recruit parent volunteers for various schoolwide activities; assist with fundraising projects, including classroom PTA membership and MBEF donations; attend a minimum of two PTA meetings during the year; have a positive attitude and a sense of humor!

The following resources have been created to help inform and provide room parents with tools that can help you work more efficiently and effectively throughout the school year. Please email me with any questions or concerns. we are here to help!

Room Parent Responsibilities
Room Parent Handbook
Sample Forms
Volunteer Spot How To
Sample Budgets:

Thank you,

Keri Herczeg  (3rd-5th) and Krystal Romagnoli (TK-2nd) Room Parent Coordinators