At a Glance

Grand View Elementary is located at 455 24th Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. The main office can be reached at 310-546-8022. Principal Nancy Doyle can also be reached at

To enter our campus, you must sign-in at the front office and wear a badge identifying you as a visitor. Parking is limited, so please walk or bike to school if you can!

School Bell Schedule

Grade School Hours Wednesday Hours Minimum Day Hours
TK 8:25-1:45 8:25-1:45 8:25-11:45
Kinder 8:10-1:30 8:10-1:30 8:10-11:30
First 8:15-2:15 8:15-1:30 8:15-12:40
Second 8:15-2:15 8:15-1:30 8:15-12:40
Third 8:15-2:15 8:15-1:30 8:15-12:40
Fourth 8:15-2:45 8:15-1:30 8:15-12:40
Fifth 8:15-2:45 8:15-1:30 8:15-12:40

Important information for the start of school:

Our mascot.

Grand View Elementary is proud to have a robust volunteer pool supporting our children and teaching staff. Led by our Principal Nancy Doyle, our PTA President Heather De Roos, and the Executive Board, many enriching activities and fun-filled family events are set-up throughout the school year.

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