The Rampage Visits Grand View’s Run Club – Go Rams!

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Dust Off Your Sneaks! It’s Gator Run Time

Coming up on Saturday, May 20 at 8 am is the annual Murad Family Foundation Gator Run 5K. Register today! Not only with it be tons of fun but you will be supporting MBEF.

Want to have even more fun? Sign up to volunteer today! There are many volunteer opportunities available before, during and after the event, so grab some friends and volunteer to make this year’s run the best ever. 4th & 5th Grade students are also welcome to pitch in and help.

Show Your Spirit, Gators! May 15-20 is Spirit Week

Let’s Celebrate All Things GREEN.. Gators!

MONDAY 5/15: Create a Grand View Wordle! Each class will come up with 10 adjectives to describe Grand View and we will create a schoolwide Wordle!

TUESDAY 5/16: EAT Green! Bring a Healthy Lunch Packed with Veggies and maybe even a Green Apple!

WEDNESDAY 5/17: HELP make our WORLD GREEN! Each Dollar we collect can help plant a tree! Bring your spare change to lunch and we will donate to One Tree Planted to help reforestation in Kenya.

THURSDAY 5/18:  Help Beautify our Grand View Campus.. Pick up a few pieces of trash!

FRIDAY 5/19: GREEN OUT.. EVERYONE Wear as much GREEEN as possible! Stop by the ice cream booth in the afternoon. We hope to have some “green” popsicles!


Celebrate Our Teachers 5/8-5/12

Grand View will be celebrating our amazing teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week May 8-May 12.  This is our opportunity to show our awesome teachers  just how much they are appreciated.  

During this special week thanks to your support of the PTA, the PTA will be catering lunch for the teachers Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.  In addition, the PTA will be bringing in a coffee cart one of the mornings during the week, so that we start our teacher’s day right!

Here is how you can help celebrate them each day:

Monday, May 8

  • FLOWER DAY! Have your child bring in a flower (store bought or cut from the garden).  Vases will be set up in your classroom.

Tuesday, May 9

  • HEALTHY SNACK DAY! Have your child bring in a healthy snack so that your teacher has a basket of snacks for the week.

Wednesday, May 10

  • FAVORITE COLOR DAY! Have your child wear your teacher’s favorite color. 

Thursday, May 11

  • SPECIAL NOTE DAY!  One of the things teachers appreciate most is hearing how they make a difference in our children’s lives. Take this opportunity for you and/or your child to tell their teacher with a card, note or picture just how much they are appreciated.

Friday, May 12

  • FAVORITE THINGS DAY!  Room Parents will be using class funds to buy a gift. If your family would like to bring something additional, please feel free to do so. See your Room Parent for suggestions on your teacher’s favorites.