Grand View Wellness Council 2015-16


Grand View is a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program, an initiative that is helping us make our school a healthier place. Creating a healthy school for our students is important because we know that healthy students are better learners. One of our wellness goals is to create new celebration traditions at our school. And we are asking for your help too!

Classroom Celebrations!

Between holidays and birthday celebrations, the number of high fat, sugary foods and beverages a student consumes during the school year can add up  quickly. We are asking that our school celebrates without using food, like doing a fun physical activity or project, or only including healthy foods and beverages during birthdays, holidays or school-wide celebrations.

Thank you for helping us create a healthier place for your child to learn!


Grand View Proudly Accepts National Blue Ribbon Award

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Principal Steinberg, Kathi Wagner and Karen Farris proudly accept the National Blue Ribbon Award in Washington, DC on behalf of Grand View Elementary and Manhattan Beach School District.  Go Gators!

Gator Gathering

poker_20120105_05Dads’ Poker Party
November 14
7:00 pm til yer broke.
Or rich.

Do you know when to hold ’em? Have a good guess at when to fold ’em? Start practicing your best poker face for a raucous evening of Texas Hold ’em at the home of Brett Zebrowski with Sal & Lucy’s Tacos, beverages, Foosball, beverages, snacks, beverages, and prizes! And beverages. Generously hosted by the Zebrowski and Greenberg families.

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