Report an Absence

Reporting an absence

Please use this form to notify the school if your child will be tardy or absent today or if you have an anticipated absence or require an early dismissal due to medical or dental appointments, family emergencies or out-of-town trips (extended family vacations during the school year are strongly discouraged).

Picking up your child during the school hours

If you need to pick up your child before the end of the school day, please meet your child in the school office, not the classroom. Teachers cannot release a student to a parent directly from the classroom. Your child will meet you in the office to be released, and you will need to sign the release clipboard in the office. Please make sure that all persons picking up your child during the school year are listed on your child’s Student Emergency Information Card. We cannot release a student to anyone except the parent, legal guardian or a person you have authorized in writing on the Student Emergency Information Card.

In case of Injury

A doctor’s note to return to school, use of crutches or wheelchair, and excuse from PE with duration of limitation is required before an injured student returns to school.

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Making a donation

Will you be making a $35/day donation to the district? If so, please make your check payable to MBUSD and forward it to the front office. The state funds that we receive for the daily attendance of students are not paid whenever your child is absent from school for any reason. Every time your child is absent, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District loses $35. If your child does need to be out of school, please consider providing the District with a voluntary contribution of $35 for each day your child is absent.