Visiting the Campus

Parents/Visitors on Campus must FIRST sign-in at the office before entering the campus, even if proceeding to a classroom as a regular volunteer.

Please complete the Volunteer Assistance Form and bring it to the office if you decide you’ll be volunteering on campus at least once over the school year.

  • A visitor badge will be issued for you to wear. It is important that all students feel safe at school and adults without badges are reported to the office.
  • Please do not plan to “hang out” at school for extended periods of time. This is very disruptive to the educational programs being conducted on campus.
  • Any students to be released early from school, must go through the office.
  • Please do not bring dogs to school regardless if they are on a leash. DOGS ARE NOT PERMITED ON CAMPUS OR IN THE PARKING LOT DURING SCHOOL HOURS. No exceptions.

GV Playground Equipment

Grand View playground equipment is not to be used by parents and children until after 3:00. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • The upper playground, lower playground, and kindergarten play areas are used for classroom instruction all day from 8:15A to 3:00P.
  • Use of playground equipment during school hours creates a noise factor which causes a disruption to instruction in the classrooms.
  • If you are waiting to pick-up and walk with a student at dismissal time, we ask that you wait quietly on the grass area in the lower playground at the end of the second grade wing.
  • PLEASE . . . do not wait in hallways.

Dogs on Campus

Dogs are never allowed anywhere on school property. Animal Control will be giving out costly citations for any infraction of this rule. Although we love our canine friends, this policy is important for the safety of the children and the cleanliness of the school.