Walking to School

Always follow the suggested route to school. Click here to view a map of the  suggested Walking and Biking Routes.

North of the school, use new pedestrian gates on Vista Drive, near trash area.
West of the school, use 26th Street crosswalks and pedestrian gate on Vista Drive.
South of the school, use crosswalks and crossing guard at Manor Drive/24th Street.
East of the school, use crosswalks and crossing guard at 24th Street/Blanche Road.

  • Walk in a group with neighboring students whenever possible
  • Use sidewalks and walkways where possible
  • Use new designated walkways on Vista Drive north of the school and Manor Drive south of the school
  • Cross only at corners or marked crosswalks. Walk your bike across busy intersections.
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are encouraged to bicycle to school using Suggested Route to School
  • Use of scooters and skateboards is prohibited to campus

Walking Entrances

Walking entrances are located in several locations. Please use the crossing guard at 24 and Manor. Avoid walking in the traffic lane that enters the school. Pedestrian gates are also located at the south end of the upper playground at 24th Street, and at the upper playground at 26th Street. Use of “Gator Walking Gates” will help to keep pedestrians off the narrow streets. Absolutely NO DROP-OFF or PICK-UP is allowed on 26th St. at anytime. MB police will issue tickets for illegal parking both on and off campus.

The use of the Ladera Ramps on Bell Ave. has greatly reduced the amount of traffic in front of the school. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been using this entrance/exit into the school. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE THE STAIRS EVEN WITH AN ADULT. PLEASE USE RAMPS ONLY. There is no stopping or parking in the Bell Avenue parking area.

“Gator Path”

The Gator Path routes all children and adults on the sidewalk from the upper playground and through the school to the second grade wing to the lower playground. Walking in the fire lane is strictly prohibited. Parents please support this policy by setting a good example for all students.

Bike Riders

Students in grades 3-5 may ride bikes. Please make sure that you have traveled the route that you want your child to follow to and from school. Helmets, bike license and bike locks are an absolute must. Bikes must be walked on campus especially up and down ramps. SKATEBOARDS and SCOOTERS are prohibited. Parents, please set a good example and DON’T ride scooters or skateboards to school.

Supervision Before and After school

Before school supervision is provided from 8:00am to 8:15am on the upper playground only. Please do not allow your child to arrive at school before 8:00. Supervision is not provided before 8am or after school. Upon arrival, all students must wait at the cafeteria benches on the upper playground. Students are not allowed to wander the campus and/or wait in front of their classrooms. Instruct your child to walk home immediately when school is let out. Playgrounds are off limits to everyone except school staff conducting classes.