Services & Programs

Choose the Programs menu above for a list of individual pages. Below is a list of additional services and programs that make our school a wonderful learning environment for our students.

Ambassador Playground Program: A playground recess program in which the 4th grade students help the 1st and 2nd graders become familiar with the “big” playground in campus. The 4th grade students, or Ambassadors, play various school yard games, like handball and jump rope with the younger ones. The Ambassadors also put away all equipment used at the end of recess, giving them another opportunity to model for the younger students. The younger students thrive on having older Gators play with them, easing the transition especially at the beginning of the year.

Blood Drive: An annual blood donation drive in coordination with the National Red Cross.

GATE Program (Gifted And Talented Education): See the MBUSD website for information on the GATE Program. Principal Nancy Doyle is the administrator GATE Representative for Grand View.

Science Enrichment Activities: GV’s Science Lab is an exciting component to our curriculum; it not only improves student’s Science test scores, but more importantly it significantly contributes to our children’s love of science. Activities included under this umbrella are: Science Lab Volunteer Support, the annual hands-on Science Expo, 5th Grade Science Fair, and providing a listing of Science Family Resources/activities/events available in the area.

Directory Spot: This yearly online directory is a “must have” for our GV PTA families. Makes arranging play dates a snap!  This very important app is only available to families that join the PTA so sign up today!

Visual and Performing Arts: “Walk Through California” and “Walk Through the American Revolution,” presented by California Weekly Explorer Inc., are favorites among our 4th and 5th Graders. These two and a half hour presentations, known as “Walk Through Programs,” bring out life social studies using role play, vocabulary words, music and active participation of all students.  All kinds of art-related activities are arranged and provided for our gators.