Teacher & Staff Scrip Wish Lists

Updated for 2014-15 as of December 1, 2014

Find out what your teachers and staff love below.


Principal Rhonda Steinberg Bed, Bath & Beyond, GV Gift Certificate, Target, Vons (Nordstrom @ Vons),
Office Manager Kathy Poje Islands, Macy’s, Best Buy, Target
Office Specialist Caryn Dates Target, Amazon.com, El Pollo Loco,
Health Aide Paula Sodeika Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, Chipotle, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, iTunes, Veggie Grill, Whole Foods
Kind AM Erin Crum Amazon.com, Macy’s, Sephora
Kind AM Dina Abt
  1. Crew, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s/MB Post, Pottery Barn
Kind AM Michelle Mangan Vons, Pottery Barn
Kind AM Jen Camacho  
Kind PM Kelly Borah Macy’s, Gap, Amazon, Target, Sephora, Trilogy
Kind PM Julie Brancato Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Crate & Barrel, Gap/Old Navy, J. Crew, Coffee Bean, Macy’s, Target, Zappos.com
TK Jennifer Putich Starbucks, Vons
1st Dawn Britton Whole Foods, Beach Pizza, Pink Berry, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s/MB Post, T.J. Maxx, Zappos, Pottery Barn, Amazon, Trilogy,
1st Kim Ellis Vons, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s/MB Post, Trilogy, Amazon
1st Joanne Guelff Amazon.com, Islands, Target, T.J. Maxx, Vons
1st Jacquie Mushet Starbucks, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Amazon
1st Daniela Olson
  1. Crew, Pottery Barn, Trilogy, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s/MB Post
2nd Evon Daughdrill Amazon.com, CPK, Gap, iTunes, Macys, Pottery Barn, Starbucks, T.J. Maxx, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Murad, Vons
2nd Lori Desmond Amazon.com
2nd Terry Gladstone Amazon.com
2nd Angela Glassman Amazon.com, GV Gift Certificate, Macy’s, Vons (Nordstrom @ Vons)
2nd Kari Pliaconis Bloomingdales, Pottery Barn, Trilogy
3rd Greta Dever Banana Republic, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Macy’s, Manhattan Bread & Bagel, Pottery Barn
3rd Karen Farris Vons, Macy’s, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s/MB Post, Pages, Sephora
3rd Edi Goodlad Starbucks, Vons, Amazon.com, China Grill
3rd Laura Miles Banana Republic, Macy’s , Manhattan Bread & Bagel, Sur La Table, Vons (Nordstrom @ Vons),
3rd Nancy Robertson Best Buy, Vons
4th Carrie Fairbrother
  1. Amazon, 2. Super Sports, 3.Trilogy, 4. Starbucks
4th Deborah Kinzer Patterson Cleaners, Sephora, Target, Amazon
4th Jeannette Shaw-Bueno
  1. Crew, Murad, Gap/ Old Navy, Amazon, Sephora, iTunes, Starbucks
4th Jennifer Simon CPK, Macy’s, Murad, Sephora, Target, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s/ MB Post
4th Marianne Slater
  1. Amazon.com 2. Sephora 3. Target. 4.Gap/Macy’s 5.Starbucks
5th Suzanne Claytor
  1. Amazon.com, 2. Vons 3. Whole Foods  4.Target
5th Kiley Duncan
  1. Trilogy 2. Target 3. Islands 4. Gap/Old Navy/Banana Rep/Piperlime 5. Pinkberry 6. Amazon.com
5th Lisa Thompson Amazon, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Vons, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s/MB Post, Macy’s
5th Sharon Witzansky
  1. Vons, 2. Amazon, 3. Macy’s, 4. Target, 5. Sports Authority
OT Sarah Williams
Music  Mike Corrigan Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Kettle, See’s Candies, Vons
Music Katie Cavallero Barnes & Noble, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Whole Foods
Choral Music Jeremy Pease
LC Jen Saliba Bristol Farms, Coffee Bean, Gap, Jamba Juice, Manhattan Bread & Bagel, T.J. Maxx, Vons, Whole Foods
LC Linda Mederos Barnes & Noble, Four Daughters, Islands, Kettle, Macy’s, Michael’s, Sephora, TJ Maxx
Reading Kathi Wagner
  1. CPK 2. Coffee Bean 3. Pinkberry 4. Target 5. Lands End 6. Barnes & Noble 7. Macy’s, 8. Starbucks 9. PF Chang’s 10. Bed, Bath & Beyond
Speech Katrina O’Connor Amazon.com, Macy’s, Starbucks, Veggie Grill, Whole Foods
Speech Sarah Dirro Pier 1, Pottery Barn, Starbucks, Subway
Counseling Melissa Kay Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdales, CPK, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Trilogy, Whole Foods
Psychologist Kenna Thomas
Library Heidi Snively Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, CPK, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, El Gringo, Fresh Brothers, Islands, Kettle, Macy’s, Mama D’s, Manhattan Bread & Bagel, Pages Bookstore, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Sloopy’s, Starbucks
Science Lab Ariana Horvath Target, Vons
Science Lab Gretchen Renshaw
P.E. Monica Wood Starbucks, Vons/Pavillions
Food Service Janie Mederos Bath & Body Works, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Grow, Coffee Bean & TL, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Jamba Juice, See’s Candy, Starbucks, T.J. Maxx, Veggie Grill, Whole Foods
Custodians Victor Simmering (Days) Dick’s, El Pollo Loco, Islands, Macy’s, Pacific Theatres, See’s Candy, Veggie Grill, Vons, Whole Foods,
Custodians Darren Knight (Nights) Bed, Bath & Beyond, Chipotle, Islands, Macy’s, Vons, Pacific Movie Starbucks, Subway
EDP Evie Burkhead Bristol Farms, Chipotle, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Islands, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Murad Spa, Pinkberry, Sportmart, Target, Trilogy, Vons (Nordstrom @ Vons), Veggie Grill
EDP Susana Anton Bath & Body Works, Chipotle, Macy’s, Starbucks, Subway, Target, Vons
EDP Kathy Ramirez Chipotle, El Pollo Loco, Target, Veggie Grill
EDP Angela Acosta Vons, CPK, Tin Roof/Simmzy’s, Amazon.com, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Macy’s, Starbucks
EDP Vanessa Sandoval Amazon.com, Bath & Body Works, Bloomingdales, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, GAP, Macy’s, P.F. Changs, Red Lobster/Olive Garden, Starbucks, T.J. Maxx, Target
EDP Joanie Silengo Amazon.com, Chili’s/Macaroni Grill, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Grow, Islands, Vons, P.F. Changs, Peet’s Coffee, GAP, Target, Whole Foods,
EDP Vanessa Sandoval  
Noon Supervisor Dante Anton  
Noon Supervisor Jayron Barahona  
Noon Supervisor Yolanda Chaidez Target, CPK, Bath & Body Works
Noon Supervisor Jesus Eredia T.J. Maxx, Starbucks, Toys R Us, P.F. Changs, Amazon
Noon Supervisor Nichole Harris  
Noon Supervisor Liliana Hernandez Target, Sephora, Bed Bath & Beyond
Noon Supervisor Irene White  
TSA for Mrs. Borah Stacey Lombardo Macy’s, Target, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Learning Center Alana Hoffman  
TSA for Mrs. Thompson Leigh Ikemiya Tin Roof, Sports Authority, Gap, Macy’s