PTA Roles

Want to find out what PTA role fits you best? Here are our Executive Board and Committee Chair job descriptions.

President Help create a caring community of parent volunteers and ensure support to teachers. Listen and pursue solutions to parent and teacher concerns. Confer with Principal and Executive Board regarding school community wants/needs, plans for the year, and progress toward goals. Oversee the work of other Executive Board members and committee chairs. Oversee implementation of budget. Preside over PTA Membership meetings and Executive Board meetings. Attend PTA Council, MBUSD and MBEF meetings when possible. Maintain a relationship with MB City Council members, School Board members, Principal and Superintendent.
Executive Vice President Confer with and assist President in carrying out his/her duties. Perform duties designated by President, and represent President in her/his absence or upon request. Assist with executive administrative functions (banking, insurance and contracts). Help President and Treasurer plan the yearly budget. Assist Treasurer in identifying operational opportunities. Attend meetings in the President’s absence. Help create parent/teacher surveys when appropriate.
Treasurer Oversee all financial records. Keep permanent books of accounts and payments. Prepare financial records for Auditor. Chair Budget Committee to plan yearly budget. Review bank statements. Research banking options for reserve funds. Prepare monthly financial reports and budget to actuals report for the Executive Board, PTA General Membership and MB Council of PTAs. Pay bills and file financial forms, such as 1099s, tax returns, and council/district report.
VP Advocacy Promote local, state and federal advocacy for increased school funding. Design a strategy to increase voter awareness of school-related issues, and to encourage parents to stay informed and vote in all local, state, and national elections. Solicit increased voter registration by parents. Attend the MB Council of PTAs’ Capitol Convoy trip to Sacramento in March.
VP Communications Ensure good communication with parents, teachers and administration. Supervise Constant Contact communications, including the weekly Gator Gazette, event registration and parent surveys. Oversee GVPTA website, keeping it current and responsive to school and PTA needs. Merge school master calendar, events calendar, and program calendar for posting on PTA website. Ensure compliance with PTA’s non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-commercial policy. Write e-mail blasts to parents as necessary. Manage the PTA e-mail distribution list on Constant Contact. Support all committee chairs with their information dissemination needs. This position requires a computer savvy person.
VP Events and Fundraising Supervise and assist in the planning and execution of all fundraising and non-fundraising activities as needed. Attend event-planning meetings, and assist event chairs with necessary action items: reservation of space, custodian requests, supply purchases, city permits, etc. Ensure compliance with CA PTA insurance and loss prevention guide (i.e., parent approval & student waiver forms). Work with President to create academic year event calendar, and coordinate spacing of activities with President. Require and collect compiled event and committee manuals.
VP Membership Establish membership goals for the organization and implement year-long membership campaign. Organize and run the PTA membership drive (Aug.- Dec.). Track membership by member for submission of council dues, and for submission to student directory chair for distribution of directories. Track membership by student for classroom rewards. Provide membership updates at PTA meetings. Provide 501(c)3 donor tax documentation. Send out thank you letters to contributors (Jan.).
VP Programs Work with principal, teachers and program chairs to develop a year-long program schedule and calendar. Coordinate program locations and reserve space with Office Specialist and provide President with information for PTA calendar. Negotiate and implement necessary contracts for visual and performing arts (VAPA) programs, assemblies, and workshops. For VAPA programs, steer curriculum to emphasize standards established by the California Dept. of Education for dance, music, theater, and the visual arts. Assure that the needs of sub-contracted specialists are curriculum-focused and that their needs are met on the day of instruction. Provide oversight, assistance, and support to all programs as needed, with particular emphasis on activities in the Performing Arts Center (coordinating set-up with PAC Manager).
VP Volunteers Coordinate parent volunteer pool at the beginning of the year for the various school events, both PTA and school sponsored, by creating a volunteer interest form. Information gathered here may be used to form volunteer email lists for each event using the Volunteer Spot and Constant Contact. Assist committee and event chairs in volunteer recruitment using various methods, including the Volunteer Spot and Constant Contact. Oversee and assist Room Parent Coordinator in recruiting and organizing room parents. Twice a year, tally the hours parents spend volunteering and fill out a two page Historian’s Report for submission to Council.
Auditor Audit books and financial records semi-annually and render a written, bound report. Open and review transactions on all monthly bank statements. Review all monthly bank reconciliations prepared by the treasurer. Present audit report at corresponding PTA meetings.
Financial Secretary Collect all monies due from various fundraising sources and make bank deposits on a weekly basis. Advise all event chairs regarding safety procedures when working with cash and checks. Coordinate with event chairs the collection and counting of event funds on day of event. Maintain bound record of all funds collected.
MBEF Site Respresentative Establish participation goals for Grand View and implement year-long participation campaign. Oversee Grand View’s portion of the MBEF Annual Appeal (August through January). Track participation by member for mailings/calls, and by student for classroom rewards. Assist with flyers, banners, signs, letters and contact with parents. Attend MBEF monthly board meetings and provide updates at PTA meetings. This position reports to both GVPTA President and MBEF VP of Fundraising.
Parliamentarian Oversee Nominating Committee for the following year. Submit proposed amendments to bylaws, when necessary, through MB Council of PTAs. Provide necessary advice in parliamentary procedure. President appoints this position.
Secretary Keep accurate record of the proceedings and attendance for all PTA General Membership and Executive Board meetings. Present prior minutes for approval at all PTA meetings. Maintain a copy of current bylaws, standing rules, and a membership list. Approve and sign all PTA check request forms on a weekly basis or as requested by Treasurer.
Room Parent Coordinator The week before school starts, work with VP Volunteers, VP Communications and teachers to coordinate the recruitment and placement of room parents. Throughout school year, liaise with teachers, PTA and room parents to communicate and organize school events and disseminate school-wide information. Update and distribute Room Parent Handbook. Create and distribute master Room Parent Contact List. Obtain beach permits from the City for year-end class beach parties.

Beautification and Pride Day Recruit and organize volunteers to improve the school’s landscaping. Organize volunteers to maintain watering throughout the school year and over the summer. Publicize and organize Fall (Sunday before school starts) and Spring Pride Days where families pull together to spruce up the GV campus. Liase with District Maintenance Manager.
Blood Drive Help organize the annual blood drive at Grand View and work onsite during Blood Drive days.
Book Club Organize our book club for kids in grades 4 and 5. Choose 4 or 5 books for the children to read over the course of the school year, holding lunchtime meetings to discuss them (generally every two months). October through May commitment.
Book Fair Manager For those of you who love books!!! Plan and recruit staff for this early-December week long literary fundraiser, which features popular and educational books for all ages. October through December commitment.
Book Fair Decorations Decide on a theme and help transform the Grand View Cafeteria (on a limited budget) for the popular Book Fair in early-December. This is a fun job that requires lots of creativity and resources. November/December commitment.
Book Fair Family Fun Night Procure and coordinate food and entertainment vendors for annual Book Fair Family Fun Night. October through December commitment.
Community Outreach Identify and coordinate appropriate charitable endeavors & other outreach efforts for Grand View to contribute to the community. Approximately three events per school year. Ongoing commitment.
Compost/Recycling Includes organizing volunteers for recycling and composting education. Maintain the school compost tumblers and compost bins. Ongoing commitment.
Fall Fundraiser Research vendor options. Organize sales, sorting and distribution of products to the classrooms. September/October commitment.
Family Fun & Movie Night Recruit volunteers and organize food and entertainment for this popular back-to-school event. Summer and Fall commitment.
Family Portraits Help schedule this fundraiser and distribute the order forms. Fall commitment for holiday distribution.
Fifth Grade Event Coordinator Working closely with 5th grade teachers and parents, be a PTA liaison, helping to coordinate a wide array of 5th grade events, including the Roundtable (a springtime visit of 6th grade students from MBMS to Grand View’s fifth grade students), 5th Grade Oscars and Promotion activities. Ongoing commitment.
Fifth Grade Science Fair Plan, set up, supervise and break down our annual two-day 5th grade Science Fair. May/June commitment for this early June event.
Gator 5k Run/Walk Plan the annual fun-run and huge FUNdraiser. The revenue from this event helps support MBEF. Jan. – June commitment for June event.
Grades of Green Education Docent Recruit, coordinate and oversee docents for the school-wide 4R Education program. Assist 4R Chair with planning and curriculum. Assist Trash Free Lunch Chair with coordinating docent volunteers. Ongoing commitment.
Green Team Manager Increase students’ and parents’ environmental awareness through education, working towards creating a sustainable school, and encouraging people to make a difference. Work with committee chairs to help green events/activities at GV, where appropriate. Help recruit green volunteers and help coordinate overall green effort at Grand View. Oversee all green programs and serve as liaison to Principal and Staff Advisor. Ongoing commitment.
Growing Great Nutrition Coordinate and oversee docents for the 3rd through 5th grade Growing Great nutrition lessons. Coordinate and oversee the school wide harvest-of-the-month program at lunchtime in the cafeteria. This nutrition program teaches our children about the benefits of eating healthy foods. Ongoing commitment.
Hallway Displays Keep our hallway display cases and bulletin boards attractive and filled with interesting displays. Ongoing commitment.
Hometown Fair Booth Plan, coordinate, and manage Grand View’s award-winning Tri-Tip Sandwich Booth at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair. Apply for permit from the city in May. Begin follow-up planning (procurement of supplies/vendors and recruitment of volunteers) in August/September. The event is held the first week of October. 
Hospitality Plan the back-to-school luncheon for our teachers (day before school starts), welcome coffee for incoming parents (first day of school) and springtime Teacher Appreciation Week lunch buffets. Ongoing commitment and open for new ideas.
Library Help the library specialist keep Grand View’s collection in order and assist as needed. Recruit and coordinate library volunteers. Ongoing commitment.
PAC (Performing Arts Center) Maintain the PAC, be the go-to person for event set-up and coordination. Keep accurate calendar of scheduled events, maintain inventory of sets, props, etc. and oversee its use. Ongoing commitment.
Pancake Breakfast Plan and staff this back-to-school Grand View tradition: a nutritious, family style breakfast with your friends, neighbors and teachers. Solicit vendors for donations. August-October commitment for October event.
Parent Party Organize our fun and social Parent Party and auction fundraiser. Winter planning for this March event.
PE/Recess Equipment Organize equipment in upper and lower playground sheds. Keep all balls pumped up. Order and repair equipment as needed. Assemble and break down soccer goals before and after school every day. Check recess equipment bins to be sure a variety of balls are there, and pumped up. Hang the tetherball on the upper and lower playgrounds daily. Soccer goals take 20 minutes to assemble, and ten minutes to break down daily. Balls must be pumped up bi-weekly.
Reflections Art Competition Coordinate Grand View PTA’s effort for this competition. Find volunteers to help collect artwork and appoint GV judges for the contest. The Reflections Program is structured for PTAs to recognize students at the local unit, council, PTA district, state and national levels. September through January/February commitment.
Rent-­A-­Costume Manager Coordinate drives for new costumes and the rental of costumes to students. Coordinate costumes with teachers for grade level performances and events as needed. Collect money, maintain records and keep RAC organized. Ongoing commitment.
Safety/Health Coordinate with Principal to assist as needed with various aspects of safety management (i.e. stocking disaster preparedness items, disseminating info. to parents, etc.). Recruit volunteers and work with office staff and Health Aide to organize vision/hearing health screenings (done once each during the school year). Strive to identify and eliminate possible safety/health concerns on campus. Work with City and District to ensure safe routes to school. Ongoing commitment.
School Garden Get your hands dirty planting, weeding and harvesting with the kids in our wonderful organic vegetable garden! Oversee and coordinate spring and fall lessons, the winter salad harvest and the annual spring Farmers Market. Schedule and oversee 5th grade Garden Club meetings several times throughout the year. Ongoing commitment.
School Supplies/Emergency Kits  Obtain grade level supply lists from lead teachers and order supplies for the School Supply Kit Fundraiser. Coordinate ordering and distribution of pre-packaged emergency kits for students. The supplies and emergency kits are delivered to Grand View and distributed to the teachers/classrooms the week before school starts. Spring – August commitment.
Science Expo Organize this hands-on science event for the whole family. Book shows, plan the set up of the interactive experiments, organize family sign-ups and volunteers. Fall through spring commitment.
Science Learning Lab Liaison Act as primary coordinator for all science lab-related lessons/activities. Recruit and organize all science lab volunteers by grade level and class (September), and take responsibility for overseeing volunteer schedule throughout the year (ongoing). Oversee and assist with weekly lab prep, recruiting other volunteers as necessary for
Scrip Manager Oversee the entire SCRIP program, including the SCRIP Table volunteers and the Monthly Standing Order fills, as well as online order fills. Works closely with scrip purchasing, marketing, and finance managers. Responsible for updating GVPTA website SCRIP information and order form. Ongoing commitment (heaviest in September/October and November/December).
Scrip Purchaser Oversee the purchasing and collecting of all SCRIP. Ongoing commitment (heaviest in August/September and November/December).
Scrip Database/Financial Oversee the SCRIP Access database. Oversee the cash flow in and out. Provide Treasurer with financial reports on a monthly basis. Ongoing commitment.
Scrip Marketing Assist SCRIP Manager with the Fall MSO contest that runs September-November. Update & distribute SCRIP order forms school-wide each month. Submit a weekly SCRIP entry with updates and news for Gator Gazette. Additional responsibilities include working with room moms to send emails, with increased marketing during the holidays. Create banners and other marketing pieces throughout the year. Ongoing commitment.
Spring Fair Manager Plan and orchestrate our popular annual one-day Spring Fair! Oversee organization of booths, activities, and events. Coordinate and oversee chairs. Fall through May commitment for May event.
Student Directory Edit and distribute this indispensable directory. Coordinate with Principal, President and VP of Membership. Must be detail oriented! May and (heavy) September commitment for October distribution.
Student Store Manage and help staff the student store (buying, stocking, and selling). Open Fridays after school 1:30 until 3:30. Ongoing commitment.
Technology Keep track of computers and computer-related inventory, and oversee “refresh” of new computers and equipment. Ongoing commitment.
Trash-Free Lunches Oversee Grand View’s Trash-free Lunch program and coordinate weekly volunteer schedule with 3R Coordinator and docents. Ongoing commitment.
Vendor Reward Programs Coordinate Shopping for Students reward program with Manhattan Village Mall. Manage Box Tops for Education rebate program. Collect and return used printer cartridges to Office Depot as needed. Publicize all reward/rebate opportunities to GV community; collect funds from programs and report income to PTA. Ongoing commitment.
Walk­-to-School Wednesday Encourage student body to walk or ride to school, arrange volunteers for hand-stamping and other incentives. Organize walk to school effort on Earth Day. Ongoing commitment.
Webmaster A technical wizard to keep the GVPTA website running. Maintain the PTA website. Provide technical support to the communication team. Oversee website redesign as needed. Ongoing commitment.
Welcome Wagon Meet, greet and mentor new families to Grand View. Update online welcome wagon packet with important information for new families, and distribute at Kindergarten Orientation in February (of previous year) and at beginning of school year. Primary commitment in February and August/September for incoming kindergarteners, and minor commitment for new families and students entering Grand View throughout the year. Desktop publishing proficiency (primarily, Mac Pages) necessary.
Yearbook Production and Financial Chair Produce the school yearbook from a publisher’s kit. Coordinate orders and distribute to classes. Ongoing commitment.
Yearbook Creative Chair Work with the Yearbook Chair overseeing all photography for the yearbook. Ongoing commitment.
Yearbook 5th Grade Work with 5th grade teachers and students to develop grade-specific pages.
Young At Art Organize and run the YAA art enrichment program. Recruit docents and coordinate participation at mandatory training workshops. Manage project scheduling, purchase art materials, and maintain supplies. Attend YAA exec board meetings. Organize annual student art show and YAA bake sale at Grand View Open House (May). Coordinate student hallway and cafeteria art displays (ongoing). Ongoing commitment.