Grand View Elementary

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Measure MB Passes!

Measure MB passed! Thank you to everyone who voted, held a sign or went door to door. Your efforts led to Measure MB passing with a more than 68% yes vote. The five minutes you took to vote has brought $2.6M annually to your school district for our teachers. 

There are many people to thank for this win. A very big thank you to Grand View parent, Jeff Serota, and Robinson Elementary parent, Jen Fenton, for co-chairing the Measure MB effort and for the many hours they spent leading this effort to success. Jeff and Jen led us to victory with Measure C and EE for our facilities, and they have done it again with Measure MB. Also a huge thank you to Pacific Elementary parent, Wysh Weinstein, who led the over hundred strong volunteer team.

Finally, thank you to Jennifer Keller Smith and Gillian Cato, our advocacy reps, on the Grand View PTA Executive Board. Thanks Jennifer and Gillian for your efforts rallying support at Grand View and organizing folks to remind people to vote. 

Winning this Measure was truly a community effort. Thank you again for your support.