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Virtual Learning Technology Cheat Sheet

Getting Started with Technology at Grand View

Here is some important info to help log on to MBUSD to Keep Connected Virtually: 
#1: THE FORMULA for email addresses & passwords:
Email address: the naming convention for MBUSDapps emails for all students is - two digit graduating year (from MCHS), last name, first initial Password for 5th grade students: School mascot and the last four digits of the student ID number
  • Example: dragons5422
Password for students in 4th grade and below: mbusd and the last four digits of the student ID number
  • Example: mbusd1822
Passwords for any new students in fourth and fifth will follow the second password example above
  • Example: mbusd1822
  • initial log-in will be DOB
Log into all MBUSD network applications and learning platforms through the Clever Portal. See the tutorial below for more details.
#3: Google Classroom Learning Platform:
If your classroom is using Google Classroom, all assignments and information will be posted ahead of time and updated daily. Please write down your Google Classroom Code. See the tutorial below for more details.
#4: SEESAW Learning Platform:
Teachers will provide the Classroom Code. We are awaiting uploading the premium subscription. Thanks for your patience! More information coming soon.
#5: ZOOM:
ALL classrooms meetings have access ONLY through your child’s GOOGLE ( account. Sorry - no exceptions for security reasons. See the tutorial on Zoom below for more details. 
Print this helpful reminder sheet of Zoom Expectations
#6: 20-20-20 Rule of Thumb when using any device:
After 20 minutes of time spent using a screen, you should try and change your gaze/focus to something that is 20 feet away from you for at least 20 seconds (not a cell phone!!).
Movement breaks and making sure students blink regularly are REALLY important. Here is a good article with more information. 
#7: Still Need Help?
  • MBUSD All in One Place Distance Learning Tutorials and more DL technology information are available here.
  • Check out the Tutorials on MBUSDapps, Clever, Google Classroom, Zoom and Aeries below.
  • Email the Digital Volunteer for your class (information about the Digital Volunteer will come from your Room Parent) 
  • If you can't find the answer in one of the bullet points above, contact and she will make sure you get the right support.
TUTORIALS on MBUSDapps, Clever, Google Classroom, Zoom & Aeries* 

mbusd logo

What Is MBUSDapps? MBUSDapps is the MBUSD school issued gmail account for students. By logging into MBUSDapps, students can access a variety of secure educational materials offered only through MBUSD including Google Suite, Google Classroom, Zoom, and it is connected to your student’s Aeries account as well.


Click here for a tutorial.*


How to Access MBUSDapps: Every student is assigned an account following this naming convention: 

  • last two digits of student's 12th grade graduation year + last name + first initial
  • For example, Johnny Appleseed who is graduating from MCHS in the year 2023 would have the mbusdapps email:


To log in students go to:

  2. Be sure to sign out of anyone else’s gmail account. 
  3. Click the sign in button.
  4. Enter the student MBUSDapps email address. Example:

New students should receive their password from their teacher, and prior students should have used their password during distance learning in the spring. If a student doesn't remember her/his password, please reach out to her/his teacher.


Clever Logo

What Is Clever? Clever is a secure learning platform through which you can access all of the learning applications that your student will use. Clever allows students to access the resources they use at school in one location, using a single username and password.


How to Access Clever: Log in to the MBUSD Clever portal using your child's email and password as discussed in #1 above.


Click here for a tutorial. 


google classroom logo

What is Google Classroom? Google Classroom is a virtual classroom space where teachers can create, distribute, and grade assignments. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. Students and families can go here to get detailed information about assignments. Google Classroom connects to students’ Google Drive to store their completed and in-progress assignments. It also creates a Google Calendar for students to organize due dates. This will serve as the hub of all virtual learning.


Click here for a tutorial.*


How to Access Google Classroom: 


To log into Google Classroom students go to:


2. Be sure to sign out of anyone else’s gmail account. 

3. Click the sign in button.

4. Enter the student MBUSDapps email address. Example:

5. Locate the Classroom App

6. Students are automatically enrolled into their assigned teacher’s Google Classroom based on teacher set up.

7. Students can also receive a unique join code from their teacher. To add a class manually, students click the plus button and enter the unique join code provided by the teacher(s).


zoom logoWhat is Zoom? Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool students and families can use on a computer or mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video. Teachers can send out meeting invites to students to host live virtual class sessions. 


Click here for a tutorial.*


How to Access Zoom: For parent meetings, teachers and administrators have the ability to invite families outside of the mbusdapps domain to Zoom meetings. So long as a parent has a registered Zoom account, they should be able to join those meetings if prearranged by the teacher or administrator. For virtual classroom Zoom sessions, students and staff must use their mbusdapps gmail login credentials. For security reasons, outside networks won’t be allowed to join those when prearranged by the teacher. 


aeries logo

What Is Aeries? Aeries is our school district’s student information system. This is where we store parent and emergency contact information, student schedules, progress reports, final grades, and transcripts. Although teachers may do detailed grading of assignments in Google Classroom, all official and final grades will post to Aeries.


How to Access Aeries: The url to access both the parent and student portals is the same: 


Parents provide a personal email and password as part of the enrollment process and those same credentials are used to sign into Aeries. If a parent forgets their Aeries password, enter your email, and click “forgot password” shown here:

aeries lost password image

Parents will be sent a link to reset their password to the email address indicated. 


Students enter their MBUSDapps email address: and password. If a student forgets their Aeries password, enter the student mbusdapps email, and click “forgot password.”

* Please note that these tutorials were created by Mira Costa so not everything may be applicable to Grand View students.