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Young At Art

Please check back to see how YAA is affected by COVID-19. We will update this page as we learn more.
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Young At Art is a non-profit organization with many years of bringing the magic of art and enrichment to nearly 7,000 students across the South Bay. Thanks to the Grand View Families and PTA’s generous support, our students will have the opportunity to create up to six rich and meaningful art projects. During each one-hour session, the students will learn about various artists, the associated art history and will experiment with a variety of media and techniques. 

Young at Art Volunteer Opportunities 

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic art program, Young at Art (YAA), supported by our PTA, and run by parent volunteers.  If you are interested in inspiring our kids' creativity through art, then this is the opportunity for you! There are 2 ways to volunteer: 

1. Become a YAA Docent

Each classroom is assigned a YAA Docent for the year (a parent from that class). Docents teach up to 6 one-hour lessons, each of which is part art history and part hands-on art project. Email the YAA chairs (Allison Madison or Jessica Vanzura) if you are interested. 

No teaching or art experience required! Training is provided, and all lessons are designed to be taught by volunteer parent Docents.


Docents must attend 7 mandatory meetings, with additional optional recap meetings.

Docents will be responsible for hanging one project in a hallway display, as assigned, and one project in the year-end Art Show.

Docents should plan on 2 hours to teach each lesson: 1/2 hour each for set-up and clean-up, and 1 hour for the lesson itself. Parent volunteers will assist the Docent with set-up and clean-up, as well as distributing materials and providing assistance to students during the lessons.

2.  Assist Your Classroom Docent

Once the classroom lessons are scheduled, Docents will ask for parent volunteers to assist with each lesson. Assisting parents will help set up before and clean up after the lesson, as well as distribute materials and assist students during the lesson as needed. This is a 2-hour time commitment per lesson (1/2 hour each for set-up and clean-up, and 1 hour for the lesson itself).

Assisting parents may choose to volunteer for as many or as few lessons as they wish. This is a great alternative for parents who want to be involved, but can’t commit to the Docent responsibilities.

How to sign up:
Watch for an email from your classroom Docent (late September/early October) asking for volunteers.

We hope you'll join us!

Kids love the Young at Art program and always look forward to the lessons. It is amazing to see kids get inspired by art, and gain confidence in their own abilities by learning there are no mistakes in art – only happy accidents. They gain exposure to different artists, movements, mediums (painting, collage, sculpture), materials, and techniques. On top of that, there is much research to support the fact that creating art helps with brain development. And as if that weren’t enough, by donating your time and energy to Young at Art, you’ll get back much more than you give.

Additional questions? Please contact:  Allison Madison or Jessica Vanzura, YAA Co-Chairs