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School Programs » Makerspace 2021-22

Makerspace 2021-22

What is Makerspace?

Makerspace is a unique learning environment focused on open-ended STEAM challenges

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). The engineering curriculum challenges the

students to brainstorm solutions to an assigned problem, design it on paper, build it, test it,

make improvements and then share lessons learned with the class.


The students use tools (purchased by the PTA) and materials (donated recyclables from parents)

to build an invention, experiment with an idea and innovate new possibilities. The students

collaborate with a partner or team that nurtures learning from failure, and experiencing the

benefits from working well with others.


The Makerspace hands-on approach sees real results in critical thinking, and problem solving.


How Does a Student Participate?

A grant from MBEF has made Makerspace possible to all TK-5 students in MBUSD.


Grand View has a designated Makerspace once again! Room 21 has been transformed into an

inspirational lab thanks to the generosity of the Grand View PTA.


How Can I Help?

Projects at home! Roll newspapers into tubes, drill holes in plastic caps, pick up recyclables from

friends, test 3D pens, Test Makey Makeys, cut foam circles etc.


  • Volunteer: Help in the Makerspace (Room 21) after school hours or the weekends when students are not present. Here is a list of tasks that need to be completed. You can also volunteer to help your child's class. Sign ups for this will come from your room parent.


  • Donate materials: Carefully cleaned recyclables are needed. Click HERE for an updated donation list. Paper towel rolls and neatly stacked newspapers are a high priority right now.


Contact Ms. Paki with any questions!


Spring Cleaning, Wish List for Makerspace


Spring Cleaning

Old garden hose hose

Unneeded peg board accessories

Large Plastic pitcher

Unused scrapbooking materials

Unused pvc pipe pieces

Unused shelves (laminated)

Huge boxes  (bed board, refrigerator, wardrobe)(Paki will pick up)

Sets of odd things

Peg board, bulletin board

Unwanted special occasion items; St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween Costumes, Chinese New Year


Regular Recyclables

Dry Cleaning pant hangers

Yogurt cups

Take home prepared food cups

Large Children’s Cereal Boxes

Bottle caps (beer, soda etc)

Colorful plastic lids

Tennis Ball Canisters

Kleenex boxes (rectangular only)

Smooth large water bottles (ie.Smart Water)

Tin cans (with no sharp edges)

Foam  used in shipping (NOT styrofoam!)

String, rope



Purchases (see AMAZON Wish List)

All tapes and hot glue sticks

Washi Tape

Brass fasteners

Scrapbooking colorful papers

Improve little kid hoe punch (see Amazon)