Grand View Elementary

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Yearbook update 2021:  
Yearbooks have been ordered and are on their way! If you forgot to order, it's not too late. Order with the links below; you will just have to take care of shipping costs as it will be shipped directly to your home. 
    • If you also have a 5th grader, once in your profile, click to "Add Kid" to order your 5th grade yearbook. When prompted to choose the yearbook click "New School" and enter the 5th grade Passcode: 1016119639673440
5th grader only
If you want to confirm your order, or have any problems ordering/customizing your pages, contact the TreeRing customer service at 1-877-755-8733 or
Please email Sandy Quigley with any questions!
Tree Ring Green Yearbook School
Grand View is a TreeRing Green Yearbook School! Since our families purchased 694 yearbooks this year, TreeRing will work with its partner, Trees for the Future, to plant 694 trees in Grand View's name.